Sunday, June 7, 2015

Our Australian Holiday

We are enjoying our first week in Australia and have had a few close encounters with the wild life.
My niece has two snakes as pets.
This big fellow, Joe, on the left is a Carpet python  and lifts his head up when she speaks to him.

This pretty one called Ruby is a Diamond Python called Ruby and she's not quite so affectionate.
But this is still about as close as I ever want to get near snake.

11416146_10203057946688572_3374880852925963108_nOn our drive from Grafton to Armidale, Northern New South Waled we stopped
Had lunch in front of this wonderful array of rural mailboxes. We were talking to one of the locals and he said that the old microwaves used as letter boxes lowered the tone of the district!
Something that amused us greatly.